Crying is considered a weakness, isn’t it ? We cry when we get hurt – physically or emotionally, when a loved one leaves our side, when we get low marks, when we are overwhelmed with happy-sad emotions and many other reasons..

But people always say that crying is for losers, if you want to be strong, don’t cry. I would say, if you wanna be strong, cry your heart out loud – as many times you want, until you yourself want to stop and gather yourself up. Crying relieves you, your emotions, your pains; it lifts up your heart.

Crying is one of the most beautiful emotions that any living being has been bestowed with. If you cannot cry, you cannot feel. It makes you feel human, shows your soft side. Who said it’s wrong to show your vulnerable side to those who love you ? Until you show that you are sad, your hurt may get missed by even the dearest ones.

So do yourself a favour, and let it out. Cry out loud. And see how light your heart can feel after that. Be human, get connected with your birth self. Stop preaching or practising subduing your emotions till they burst out. Shut the door, switch on the shower and let your tear-glands flow…

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